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Geeky Icons
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Welcome to Geeky Icons.

What is this place?
geekyicons is a place where anybody and everybody can post Livejournal icons that relate to the geeky theme, such as science fiction/fantasy shows, computers, and other fun nerdy things.

What is "geeky"?
Some call it nerd-dom. Some call it hax0rs. Some call it obsessive fannish trats. Some call it a way of life. A geek can be classified as someone who is interested in technology, new media, and computing; considered derogatory by some, a "geek" is often confused with the classic definition of a hacker. Here at geekyicons, we believe a geek is one interested in science fiction, computers, new media, independent art and media, etc. Anybody can be a "_____ geek", but here, we enjoy the idea that there are those of us that take pride in lesser-known "fandoms" such as Star Trek, Firefly, Apple computers, hacking, and other such shows; you can check out our community interest list to get an idea.

What can I post?
Icons, icons, and only icons of the geeky theme! You may link to posts with other graphics, resources, rants, raves, etc. in them elsewhere but your posts in geekyicons must be on topic, otherwise it will be deleted without warning. If you're wondering what you can post here, just read our username: geekyicons; tha'ts two things - "geeky" and "icons". This isn't rocket science! ...Well, maybe this could be considered a branch of rocket science.

What can't I post?

  • You can't post popular medium icons; icons featuring Lost, Veronica Mars, Harry Potter, Alias, Lord of the Rings, etc. should not be posted here. With the vast following that shows like this have we no longer consider them geeky, and many of them have their own icon communities you may post in.
  • Absolutely no out of character actor icons. Your icons should not feature actors out of their fandom characters; for example, no general Patrick Stewart icons, but icons of Professor X are perfectly allowed.
  • Absolutely no music icons. There are plenty of other communities for that, like indieicons!
  • Keep the teasers on topic! You may link to posts that contain multi-fandom icons, but please keep the teasers in the indie themes. It takes five seconds to delete an icon preview, please do it.

Who runs this show?
hermintage and gegenschein are your ever-loving, ever-neglectful moderators. You can contact hermintage with any questions, comments, or concerns by e-mailing illgoest@livejournal.com, and gegenschein at gegenschein@livejournal.com.

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Anything else I should do, say, or know before posting?
Not really, but it would be helpful if you promoted the place! We've kept relatively small since our inception and would like to grow in membership numbers. I'll post buttons for your promoting purposes soon!